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We strive to incorporate vintage elements in our designs. Some vintage buttons, charms and chains may have slight patina wear or surface scratches as they are true vintage and have been pre-loved. Occasionally, a vintage element may need to be repaired as a result of its age. We will repair an item within 90 days after purchase. If it a piece cannot be repaired to its original condition, we will substitute with an alternative component. Please send us the item to be repaired. All sales are FINAL, except as provided in the repair policy noted above.


We recommend refraining from wearing the jewelry while showering, exercising or swimming. Clean each piece by simply polishing with a soft cloth.


We source vintage items and incorporate elements of these items into new pieces for you to love. Each piece is handmade, sustainable and one of a kind. River Lea is not affiliated with any associated brands in any form. The products we sell are altered from their original state. River Lea does not claim any rights of the symbols, trademarks, or any other related luxury markings.

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