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New Year's Eve Jewelry

31/12/2021 | Leah Warner

Nearly all of my fashion jewelry was meant for a spectacular New Year's Party.  I usually have a problem choosing between statement necklaces for that one-night-a-year event.  Hint: I like statement-piece jewelry.

Everyone should own at least one statement necklace.  Many "nothing to wear" to an event dilemma was saved by a black blouse, pants and fabulous statement necklace.  You could wear the same sweater and pants every year to your holiday party, and no one would notice if you change up your statement jewelry pieces.  

I will tell you how I choose statement pieces.  First, pick something that catches your eye.  If you love it, you'll feel fabulous wearing it.  Second, if you must choose, think about the necklines of your outfits.  Long or bib necklaces work well with crew necks and higher neck tops. Necklaces with pendants or that form a "v" with layers look great with v-neck tops.  Third, think about what part of your look you want to emphasize.  If you want to draw attention to your face, choose a necklace with more volume at the neck.  If you want to create a longer line, choose a long necklace or a multi-layered necklace with the last layer hanging between your bust and your waist.  If  you are wearing a solid-colored top, wear a necklace that has more color and texture.  If you are wearing a patterned top, look for a solid-colored piece with some interesting texture, shine or sparkle.  Finally, pick something that matches you, but don't be afraid to push the boundaries.  f you are a pearls person, try a piece with multi-strands.  If you like semi-precious stones, try some that add a few crystals.  

It's hard to go wrong wearing statement jewelry so long as you follow the first tip and wear something you love (or at least really like).  It all flows from there.  


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