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Jewelry in the Winter

30/12/2021 | Leah Warner

I came across a suggested book entitled, "How to Wear Jewelry", by Abrams Image, New York.  As a jewelry lover, it is fascinating.  Accessorizing can be daunting, and this book provides advice for nearly every outfit and occasion.  Using some of the advice in the book and my own experiences, I am going to give out some useful tips about wearing jewelry.  

Today was a very cold day in the tundra.  I could only think of wearing something warm and comfortable.  Typically, winter clothing is bulkier and a coat of some kind is necessary.  I put on comfortable and warm clothes and went to my necklace rack.  I was completely stymied.  I put on a couple petite necklaces and called it good.  When I looked in the mirror later, I was not impressed.  

How should I have worn jewelry today?  The answer: go big!  Your necklace should be large enough to compete with the size of your winter coat and clothing.  For those that only wear dainty necklaces, try layering three or more to balance out your winter attire.  Just for fun, try this out tomorrow.  Post your OOTD and tag @riverleajewels.  


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